How a Free Assessment Can Start

Your Emigration to New Zealand or Australia

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How a Free Assessment Can Start Your Emigration to New Zealand or Australia

Are you and your family considering migrating? You might want a better quality of life, you could be yearning for a change of scenery, or you may have personal reasons for wanting to leave. No matter what your reasoning is, we all know that you want to go to a great place where you can start anew and relax.

There’s no denying that emigrating will have a significant impact on your life. After all, you’ll be leaving your home country and everything you’re familiar with behind to start anew in a completely different place. It’s important to really think about whether or not emigrating is the right decision for you. Consider all of the factors involved, from your current lifestyle to your financial situation. If you have a strong support system in your home country, you may find it difficult to adjust to living in a new country without them.

On the other hand, emigrating can also be an incredibly rewarding experience. It can open up new opportunities and experiences that you may never have had access to otherwise. If you’re feeling stuck in your current situation, emigrating may be just what you need to jumpstart your life.

Ultimately, the decision to emigrate is a personal one that only you can make. Weigh all of the pros and cons carefully before making a decision, and remember that you can always change your mind later down the road if you find that emigrating isn’t right for you.

So, if you’re really considering emigrating, you’re not alone. New Zealand and Australia have been a popular destinations for people looking to start fresh in a new country, and a lot of them have one thing in common, for Australia they do not understand the process and for New Zealand they worry about that all important a job offer from New Zealand that is needed in order to submit a visa under the skilled category.

If you’re reading this, then you must be interested in learning about how you can make the move to New Zealand or Australia. Luckily, we’re here to help! In this article, we will give you all the information you need to know about getting residency in New Zealand specifically as well as the services we offer to help you with emigration; like a free assessment and more!

Work Visa for New Zealand

In order to work in New Zealand, it is necessary in most cases to have already secured a job offer from an employer in the country before you arrive. The current immigration policy of New Zealand emphasizes the need for skilled workers, so you should consult the Work in NZ section of the Immigration website to see if your particular profession is an in-demand occupation.

I’m guessing you yourself don’t have a job offer from New Zealand. Well, don’t worry as what you’ve read earlier, we’ve got your back.

New Zealand Points System for Emigration

The requirements for NZ residency without an offer of employment are based on a points system at this time. This system assesses an applicant’s skills, qualifications and experience against the needs of the New Zealand labour market. The applicant must score a certain number of points to be eligible for residency. The points are awarded for age, qualifications, (if any), work experience and other factors.

The New Zealand Skilled Migrant points system is designed to create a ranking for Expressions of Interest so that the New Zealand Immigration authorities can make invitations to apply for residence to those migrants who can offer the most value to New Zealand.

The minimum threshold to be able to lodge an Expression of Interest is 100 points.

Here are the Points Indicator for Skilled Migrant Expression of Interest in Immigration New Zealand website:

  • Age: (Must be 55 years old or under) In welcoming the idea of skilled migration to New Zealand, one thing that you should know is that the age you are now will determine how much you can achieve in the points.
  • Skilled Employment: When it comes to skilled employment in New Zealand, immigrants have a higher chance of getting a job more easily as compared to other immigrants who are not skilled.  It is always better to make sure that you have the skill that is needed for the job.  For example, if you have a degree, you have a higher chance of getting a job in the field related to your qualifications.
  • Qualifications: Education can be an important factor of immigration to New Zealand. If you want to immigrate to New Zealand, but New Zealand will also assess your work experience in some cases to deem you skilled.
  • Work Experience: You will also receive points for related work experience from your country.
  • Partner: The New Zealand Immigration authorities understand that people want to come to the country for the sake of their partners and the partners’ family members. Thus, the new amendments to New Zealand’s immigration policy provide the opportunity to achieve the required number of points for immigration to New Zealand through the partner’s qualifications, (if any).

You can visit Immigration New Zealand for more info (Please do keep in mind that the points indicator is a guide only. Only an immigration officer can award you points during their assessment of your visa application) or you can start filling in our inquiry form here.

Okay, so now you know you have a basic understanding of the points system for emigration now you need to figure out what your score will be, but how do you figure that out? Of course, you can scour the internet and figure it out by yourself, but how far would you get? A lot of people get stuck since they’re unsure of themselves whether they’ve met the minimum requirements or not.

And because of this we at Network Migration provide free assessments. There are a lot of steps involved with emigration and that is why we at Network Migration are there to help you manage your New Zealand emigration. Our advisor and team have years of experience with the emigration process that you can safely say that you’re in the right hands.

Network Migration

At Network Migration, we’re proud to have helped over 10,000 families relocate to New Zealand and Australia. We have branches in Johannesburg and New Zealand and we have team members working in countries like Zimbabwe and  the UK, so we can assist you no matter where you’re located. We’ll help you every step of the way, from start to finish.

Our migration services can help you with your emigration process to Australia or New Zealand. We’ll help you secure any visa type – temporary or permanent. With over 25 years of experience in the emigration process, our director and principal agent, Andrew Kerr, is fully licensed and a member of MIA and NZAMI. This allows us to keep up with any changes in legislation or requirements for future migrants, so that we can advise our clients correctly.

The migration process to New Zealand for those who wish to live and work in the country involves an assessment of your skills to determine whether or not they are transferable to New Zealand’s job market. These skills include your qualifications, (if any) and/or work experience. We require your CV to assess these factors before we can start the assessment process.

We will take a look at your CV and let you know what the next steps are that you’ll need to take in order to be able to live and work in New Zealand on a more permanent basis.

If you want to use our visa application specialist services, you’ll need to sign a formal written agreement with us. This will allow us to represent you when you apply for a visa to Immigration New Zealand. Once you’ve completed the sign-up process, we’ll give you a step-by-step guide of the documents you need to get your visa application ready.

You’ll work with a dedicated file manager who will help you follow the steps provided by your licensed adviser.

Free Assessment

When you’re considering emigrating, getting assessed is an important part of the process – but free assessment comes with a lot of benefits that you shouldn’t overlook. Here are some of important things you should know about getting a free assessment at Network Migration.

  • Entirely free of cost, it is a major benefit for the people wishing to move to New Zealand as they can get a free assessment on how to start their new life in New Zealand.
  • The assessment is done by a qualified emigration adviser.
  • Free consultation with a Registered Adviser who will explain to you the benefits of emigrating to New Zealand either face to face or using zoom, skype or Google meet.
  • Your adviser will tailor the emigration process to your needs to ensure a smooth transition when moving to New Zealand.

We’ll give you a comprehensive Australia or New Zealand migration assessment to see if you qualify for migration, as well as a game plan to get residency. Plus, your first consultation with one of our authorized advisors is completely free of charge! Just follow this link to our website to get started.

Along with this assessment, you will receive your pathway to residence, which contains the full fee structure for your process and the steps required to ultimately become a permanent resident in Australia or New Zealand.

Emigration Advisers

Emigration Advisers help individuals, families and businesses relocate to other countries. They have a wealth of knowledge that you’ll be able to benefit from.

Since emigrating to a new country has always been an anxious thing to do. It’s important to reach out to emigration Advisers to get assessed. There are many people who want to immigrate to a new country and there are many people who want to become citizens of a certain country.

The changes in regulations with a country’s Emigration process can be daunting. However, Emigration Advisers make sure to provide people the opportunity to immigrate to a new country. If you contact Emigration Advisers, you’ll be assessed by a professional to get an idea of what you’ll need to do to immigrate to a new country.

With that said, it is without a question that you really need to get assessed – not to mention that it’s free, and you’ll definitely get the best consultation with Network Migration’s trusted advisors.

Network Migration Licenced Adviser, Andrew Kerr (IAA Reg. No: 200903080) and Auckland-based Director and Job search training specialist, Peter Lemmer, have extensive experience in the processes and procedures required by Immigration New Zealand when it comes to the Accreditation of companies.

We offer strict confidentiality and integrity with sensitive information provided, as we adhere to the Immigration Authority Professional standards. This assures our clients that their information is in safe hands and that we will do everything in our power to help them obtain the desired results.

At Network Migration Services, we’re committed to providing our clients with the best possible emigration experience. We understand that deciding to emigrate can be overwhelming, so we want to ensure you have all the information you need before making a choice. We believe that by getting to know your specific needs, we can provide a service that will be of great value to you.

We want to be your go-to solution when you’re looking for help getting set up and running smoothly. Contact us today for a consultation to see if we’re the right fit for you. Or you can access this link to get started with your free assessment.



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