Network Migration Services – New Zealand Success Story : “You are the Captain of This Ship” -Vythilingam Family

Our journey to relocating started in the early 2000’s when we first signed an agreement with Network Migration but we were undecided and put the project on hold. In August of 2017 relocation became a priority again and the project was re-ignited, destination, beautiful New Zealand.

We again made contact with Network Migration (NMS) and was pleasantly surprised to find that the new management had recognised our initial agreement and the fees (credit) we had paid all those years ago, this was the first sign of that we were dealing a company that had good values.

With the commitment as a family our journey continued and I recall the first Interview with Andrew Kerr in which I fully expected the stereotypical sales pitch. Benefits and options were discussed but Andrew described the project in a realistic and sensible manor, not mincing his words regarding the undertaking and pointing out the discipline and responsibility required, his closing statement was “you are the captain of this ship” and I drew much courage from that phrase along the way.

We were advised on the many (very many) processes and details on, Job searches and income, schooling and university, housing, cost of living, laws, culture, banking, financial immigration, shipping and much more, I remember thinking, “obvious things”, we got this! but, boy did the guidance come in handy.

Steven Stols was assigned as case manager and had to (and still does) endure with the million and one questions, mistakes, confusion, “demands” and urgencies. He dealt with all of it with professionalism, calm and wisdom no matter how tight the corner may have been. Steven is not only cool he is also wise beyond his years.

With a visitor visa secured by Network Migration I was off to NZ. On Arrival in Auckland I was met by the local Network Migration Services team who briefed me on job searching and the “Kiwi way”. NMS introduced me to a recruitment services company who were a great help in structuring my resume appropriately. With some luck and divine intervention I, there was one promising prospect during my month long job search. When I landed at Johannesburg international airport I received my job offer letter with a start date one  month from then.

NMS worked fast to secure work and student visas for the family in under a month and off to work I went to be joined by family a month later and the shipping container 2 months thereafter, so far all was going according to the Network Migration Services script.

Fast forward to residency application time, again with Andrew and team’s advice and direction we submitted our application at the end of January 2020. Then Covid-19 happened. It was “Deja vu” and NMS had to once again endure our regular need for updates and pacifying.

Finally in June 2020 we received our assessment results and were requested to provide additional information and further clarifications. There were a few iterations of additional information and clarity requested and provided. Each time the requirements were analysed, discussed and reviewed by Andrew and team. Halfway through this demanding process  I thought (and I am sure the family did too) that Andrew could very easily just walk away from the additional work and that there were surely easier more profitable clients he could dedicate his time to. However, with every interaction he responded with seasoned calm and discipline, providing advice and much, much, much needed hope, never once raising the cost implications of all this extra effort and time .

This is when  I got the sense that this business transaction was transforming into a partnership, it would seem that Andrew took these exhausting challenges personally. Till now I am grateful but (secretly) confused as to how this did not result in additional fees and this is even after braving an enquiry about it – go figure!

7 September 2020 (9 months after applying for residency), Andrew advised that our application was approved and sent our Permanent Residency visas (we had our “PR”).

This journey is one for the books and it has certainly tested us as a family, we had our moments (momentous moments).

Had it not been for the support, understanding, forgiveness, fortitude, faith, resilience, bravery, discipline, patience and love of my family and supporter contributions,  AND,

the dedication, professionalism, calm, encouragement, direction, knowledge, wisdom, level-headedness, reliability, trust (did I already say calm), respect and downright honesty of Andrew and his team, I can categorically say that we would not have our New Zealand residency – it is that simple.

To say that Network Migration “the immigration and relocation specialists” went above and beyond the call of duty for this family, is an understatement.

Andrew, in the words of Benjamin Franklin, “well done is better than well said”

Well done Mr. Andrew Kerr and the extended Network Migration family!

From the Vythilingam Family, “all is in order”

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